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Cosmopolitan Review is a journal focused on issues of social, cultural and historical interest by English-speaking writers for English-speaking readers throughout the worldwide Polish diaspora.

CR’s audience includes readers in 56 countries, the largest number in the United States, Canada, the UK and Poland.


Irene Tomaszewski

Associate Editor + Digital Producer
Justine Jablonska

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George Gasyna
Beth Holmgren
Michal Kasprzak
Anna Mazurkiewicz
Magda Romanska
Tamara Trojanowska
Nathan Wood

Researcher / Copy Editor
Maureen Mroczek Morris

Antoni Kowalczewski
Jan Kowalczewski

CR is an affiliate of The Canadian Polish Research Institute (CPRI)

Ms Carole Socha Bilina

Tadeusz Ungar Foundation
Zofia Zakrzewska (Hayward, CA)

Maureen Mroczek Morris (San Francisco) in memory of Alex di Meo

Poland in the Rockies Society

Wanda Muszynska

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History of CR

Established in 2008, cosmopolitanrevew.com was proposed by Poland in the Rockies alumna, Kinia Adamczyk, as a newsletter for PitR alumni. It quickly evolved into a general interest review, its first edition produced by Kinia, Irene Tomaszewski and Judith Browne with the generous support of webmasters Antoni and Jan and financial support from Friends of PitR.

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