2011 Vol 3. No. 2 — Summer / Poetry

What Paderewski Taught Me about Being



he tells me for what has been taken
the heart moves for what is left
for what has been given
moves like the ocean
sometimes a mountain a nation for what is right
constantly in greeting the dearly loved
what he always wanted
his words
my pulse the same from the edge
surprises of her seat
a woman leans forward
hold back holds
rush forward a breath
time waits
washed always
in silence the woman breathes out
silence for what is not whish of wind
essence of man
dark and light
rublato of being
becomes being again




Poet Kath Abela Wilson reading at the Paderewski-Chopin conference at Loyola University, Nov. 12, 2010 accompanied by mathematician and flutist, Rick Wilson.






kath-abela-wilsonKath Abela Wilson is the creator of “poets on Site,” a performance group of poets collaborating with dancers, musicians, artists and scientists in Southern California. The poetry audio tour Poets on Site created for the permanent collection of the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena has won a MUSE award from the American Association of Museums, 2010.

John Guzlowski
John Guzlowski is an award-winning poet and blogger extraordinaire. A retired professor of contemporary literature at Eastern Illinois University, Guzlowski has written extensively on Polish, Jewish and Polish American writing and poetry. His own poetry is inspired by his parents’ years in German camps and the family’s experience as post-war immigrants and deals with the universal themes of trauma, pain, memory, parent-child relations and love. Guzlowski's latest book, Lightning and Ashes, is now available.
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